Under YaoYinShan Aluminium Group, YaoYinShan fastener has decades experience on sheet metal fasteners, a leading manufacturer of Self Clinching Fasteners, supplies superior quality at most competitive prices to support our customers’ success.
Located in GuangDong for over 20 years, YaoYinShan fastener has built up has built up a reputation for quality, service, competitive price and reliability. We continue to provide our dedicated support with highest quality and most cost effective Self Clinching Fasteners for our global customers.
Its core products include a variety of Sheet Metal Fastener, such as Self Clinching Fasteners, Self Clinching Nut, Self Clinching Standoff, Self Clinching Stud, Panel Fasteners, Broaching Fasteners, Anchor Rivet Bush and custom fasteners to meet any size, performance, or strength requirement.
The reasons you choose YaoYinShan, 
The Best Price: With our own manufacturing facilities and tooling team to mass production, we are able to provide our customers the most valuable products because we focus in manufacturing Self Clinching fasteners.
Response Time: We understand the pace is important. We provide short lead time for all our clients with large Inventory.
Delivery: Our logistics teams work closely to ensure timely supply of requested quantities in both regular and emergency conditions.
Flexibility: We can provide our customers from small quantities to buck quantities, regular schedule to emergency condition.
Expertise: Over 20 years’ experience in manufacturing Self Clinching Fasteners, Our skilled engineering service can provide a cost effective and timely solution.
Manufacturing Capability: with 5,000 meter square of manufacturing sites, 600 machines, 850 workers to ensure flexible shifts and machines allocation to meet all volume of order are achieved in time and quality.
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